COVID Health Screening

Our on-site medical professionals will perform daily temperature checks, health questions & PPE inspections to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 in your workplace!

Medical Professionals

HealthySpace sends trained medical professionals to your workplace

Temperature Checks

Employees/guests are offered a non-contact temperature check


Employees/guests answer a few quick questions, taking 5-7 seconds


Anyone with symptoms, risk factors or improper PPE should not enter the workplace, reducing the risk of COVID-19!

What are the benefits?

Health & Perception
Recommended by the CDC to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Demonstrates a commitment to the safety of employees/guests.

Asking non-medically trained employees to provide COVID-19 preventative services is risky. Hiring 3rd party medical professionals reduces this liability for employers.

Reduces the risk of business interruptions, facility closures & costly worker comp cases.

Easy process with quick implementation, short-term agreements, fixed pricing, and no upfront capital investment or employee training

Price & Terms

It's pretty simple...
$65/hr 3 hour minimum shifts
Yup, that's it!
Month-to-month Carefree contracts!
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