COVID Testing

HealthySpace provides trained medical professionals to administer On-Site COVID-19 Testing. We bring the testing to your facility and we generally turnaround results in 24-36 hours!


Your company determines the schedule. HealthySpace coordinates the medical professionals to administer the on-site tests.


On test day, employees present a 1-page Patient Request Form + a copy of their Medical Insurance Card.


Under 5-minutes per test. HealthySpace primarily offers a PCR nasal swab test.


Available within 24-36 hours via our laboratory’s HIPPA-compliant secure online medical portal.

How often can we test?

You determine the frequency of testing. HealthySpace can perform weekly, bi-weekly or monthly based upon your needs. In addition, we offer emergency on-site testing within 24 to 48 hours.

What does it cost?

HealthySpace charges a basic Mobilization Fee to bring our staff to your facility. There are NO other charges for our Clients who have valid insurance.

The cost of testing is covered by health insurance providers. Our lab partners facilitate the billing & collections with the health insurance providers.

Clinical Details

HealthySpace understands that COVID test results drive business and financial decisions for our clients. Therefore, we have prioritized accuracy and experience in every step of our testing process. 

HealthySpace has partnered with CLIA accredited laboratories and our medical professionals are trained specifically to address COVID-19. This training insures consistency and accuracy in our collection process.

The primary COVID-19 test performed is the PCR which is administered with a nasal swab. This test has the high level of clinical sensitivity to help identify individuals who currently have COVID-19, whether they are displaying symptoms or asymptomatic. And, results are generally available within 24-36 hours from when our lab receives the samples!

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